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No one under 17 admitted without parent or guardian. Keep out of reach of children. If taken orally, induce vomiting and call a physician. May cause brain damage to unborn children. May cause hairy palms. Do not remove tag under penalty of law. Do not insert rectally. Light wick, get away. Wear Safety Glasses. May cause excitability, especially in children. Do not put in mouth. Please defrost for 35 minutes for a crispier crust. Beware of Dog. If you smell natural gas please call your local gas company. Warning: SHARPS. BIOHAZARD, please dispose of in Government Regulated Contamination Box Series 456-9iu2381. Clean wound regularly to reduce chances for infection. Do not mix with gasoline. Will make you drowsy do not operate heavy machinery or drive a motor vehicle. Do not put in mouth. Discontinue use, if you have trouble urinating due to the enlargement of the prostrate gland. Take with food or milk. Radiation: Stay Clear. If nervousness, dizziness, or sleeplessness occur, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Contains Cooled Liquid Metal DO NOT TOUCH! Only Use in well ventilated area. Do not expose to skin or nasal membranes. Prolonged exposure may cause cancer. Tested on Laboratory Animals. This product contains Phenylketonurics which has been known to cause brain cancer in laboratory test subjects. May cause headache, nausea, or fever. Do not expose to sunlight. Not a significant source of nutrition. If accidentally you swallow more then used for brushing, seek professional assistance or call the Poison control center immediatly! Small Parts, not recommended for people under 18. Choking Hazard. Alcoholic beverages, sedatives, or tranquilizers may increase the dowsiness effect. Do not use near open flame. Do not use if seal is cracked or cap is broken. Do not put in ear. Object in mirrior may be close then it appears. Over exposure, may cause blindness. May cause uncontrollable urge to defecate. Stand back 10 feet. Do not feed. May cause abnormal growths in genital areas. May cause anal, penile, or vaginal discharge. Do not take unless directed by doctor. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Do not open, no user accessible parts inside. Keep hands inside car at all times. Look both ways before crossing. Removing safety locks will nullify your warranty. Please use safety gloves, this contains corrosive material. Keep out, private property. Do not feed the bears. No Trespassing, authorized to use deadly force. Caution: Severe Weather. Beware, beaver crossing. Release fluid slowly. Do not expose to X-Rays. Slow Down. Prolonged exposure may cause blindness. Your seat will become your floatation device. This is an anti-static environment. Caution falling rocks. No refunds. Wash hands before returning to work, llavos los manos para trabajo. Follow the yellow brick road. Say no to drugs. Don't talk to strangers. DANGER - high voltage. . No Shirt, No shoes, NO SERVICE. Do not over inflate. No Solicitors.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.....

Don't say we didn't warn you!


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